• Developing a Networking Road Map43:45

Developing a Networking Road Map
Gaynelle Adams Jackson shares her tips for building your network.
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Building lasting relationships with your existing customers and members drives business success. Making this happen is called "Engagement Marketing". Expert Demming Bass discusses: Providing an excellent customer experience; Making connections that engage your audience and enable ongoing dialogue; Using social media to continue the dialogue and engage a broader audience. 

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  • Overcoming Obstacles to Success: Lessons learned from Women of True Grit49:30

  • It really IS all in your head!43:05

  • Finding Customers42:40

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This month'’s call will cover the topic of creating a marketing strategy so you can have a plan for your marketing. We will cover the basics of identifying your target market, creating an annual marketing plan and creating a marketing budget to match that plan.

Download this sample marketing plan to follow along with the call.

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This coaching call won’t be about managing a budget or watching your bottom line. No, we’re going to do things “a little differently.” There are only three basic ways to grow you business. Expert Richard Lindsey, CPA will discuss what those are and then focus in on the most profitable by far!
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  • The Golden Key to Growing Your Profits0:00

  • Engagement Marketing0:00

  • Mondays Are Great!30:27

Business Networking methods have changed a lot over the past twenty-five years. Attend this training call to find out what elements are still the same and what has changed. Networking expert, Kathryn Cariglino, will be joined by Nathaniel Patterson, Jr., Managing Partner, Patterson Marketing Group, LLC who utilized his personal profile on Linkedin to become “Top 1% Viewed, 2012” and generate 30% of his business.

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  • Is Direct Mail Out of Style?0:00

In this training call we bring back some of our experts from the past. The experts share their personal experiences in dealing with some of the common problems all business owners and managers face everyday. Listen to the call here:

  • Do What You Love!49:47

  • Marketing and Branding: How to look like the Big Guys!46:58

  • Everything you ever wanted to know about Networking53:26

  • Catching the Big Fish - Doing business with the federal government.0:00

Who is your customer?  How to find them?  How to keep them? Listen to the call here:

  • An Expert's Roundtable54:57

Our guest speaker is Tina Savas, co-author of the book “Women of True Grit”. The book relates the stories and secrets of women who attained the pinnacles of success in their various fields. In their own words, these women share insights about their challenges, what inspired them, sacrifices they made, and what drove them to become successful.

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January Inner Circle of Experts Call. Click here to listen to the call:

Welcome to the first training call for our Inner Circle of Experts group. This month’s call is focused on the related topics of Marketing and Branding. Our subtitle for today’s training is: How to Look Like the Big Guys. It could also be how to learn from the Big Guys. Large companies have whole marketing departments; they have ad agencies and brand managers. You and I don’t have that kind of support. However, we still need to brand ourselves and market ourselves just as much as the big guys – maybe even more.

  • Surviving the selling process: Follow-up, don't Give Up!48:53

  • Marketing your business: You have to have a plan!49:52

Our guest expert was Paris Love. Paris Love is an Author, Speaker, Coach and Productivity Consultant specializing in helping individuals organize their thoughts and intentions into achievable bite-sized pieces. Click here to listen to the call:

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