NGU is a sole proprietorship under the leadership of Kathryn Cariglino. Retiring after almost 25 years of work in the women in business arena, Cariglino now has started her own consulting business called NGU Enterprises.​

About Us

Never Give Up Enterprises (NGU) is a service business which provides hands on small business consulting, access to affordable professional speakers, and training services.

Never Give Up Enterprises offers you real world, in the trenches - experience:

  • Professional - Positive and professional representation
  • Knowledge - Offers a wide range of knowledge and skills to common business problems Experience - Experienced business leader
  • Proven - Understands the issues FACED BY small business owners
  • Network - Has accumulated a vast network of professionals in other disciplines to support business needs
  • Understanding – We have been where you are.
Succeeding in business is not easy. Sometimes a little help can go a long way.


Never Give Up Consulting offers expertise and business experience to provide you with a fresh look at solving your day-to-day issues.

NGU's approach is to equip owners and management with the tools, insights, and intellectual resources to regain their life so that they own their business and not the other way around. 

Consulting and training services


Our Philosophy

NGU stands for our personal philosophy of life and business: Never Give Up!

NGU News:

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